All-white golf team could end up winning PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship

The very idea of "separate but equal" was supposed to have been rejected in the Supreme Court's transformational decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which rejected segregated schools.  Yet the idea of minority-only organizations and even athletic contests is touted as a boon for the supposed victim class that was for too long excluded from the mainstream of American life.

Nonetheless, real Americans continue to ignore racial and ethnic barriers, no matter what the politically correct classes instruct them.  The results can be almost comic, on occasion, such as this from The Sentinel:

On May 11, the male golf team of Lincoln University, an historically black college in Jefferson City, will compete in this year's PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship.  The tournament begins May 11 in Port Lucie, Florida.

The goal of the tournament founders was "to provide a national stage for players from minority colleges and universities to compete in NCAA collegiate golf events."  That said, not all of the golfers at Lincoln are black.  Truth be told, none of them are.

The white golf team members decided to attend Lincoln University, which was founded in the days when African Americans were excluded from most colleges, and therefore needed their own institutions.  Those days are over, and integration is triumphing.

I would wager that the PGA started this tournament as part of an effort to encourage more blacks to take up golf.  But in the process, the association limited team eligibility to what are now called "historically black colleges" not to actual blacks.  They may never have anticipated an all-white team.

But where the story gets really icky is this:

[T]hings get really silly/perverse/unconstitutional: none of the Wildcats or Blue Tigers, no matter how good they are, can compete in the Individual Invitational part of the PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship.

The individual competition is limited to participants who are "African-American, Hispanic-American, Middle Eastern/North African, Native or Alaskan American, Asian or Pacific Island American."

In other words, the only people excluded from participating in the individual minority tournament are the 10 or so percent of the world's people of European descent, save, inexplicably, for those Europeans from the Iberian peninsula.  I suspect if these students bring the results from their most recent DNA test and can show an Elizabeth Warren-style drop or two of some "minority" blood, they will be hard to turn away.

How about we just treat people as individuals, and stop classifying by race...period?

Hat tip: Jack Cashill