After Williamson's firing, a gander at the real abortion extremists

After days of screeching from the left, newly hired conservative columnist Kevin Williamson was fired from The Atlantic after editors came up with the excuse that Williamson had "extremist" views on abortion, because he suggested in one Twitter post that anyone who has had an abortion "should be hanged." Was his view really so extreme it was beyond the pale? Like, Nazi stuff? Well, Mother Teresa also favored punishing those who had abortions, and maybe it's significant that the two of them lived and worked in India at the same time, Williamson early in his career and Mother Teresa nearly all her life, so it's possible that Williamson, a Catholic convert, picked it up from her. The bottom line though, is that most pro-lifers aren't into that and Williamson doesn't make laws, so the controversy is rather phony. We know they wanted him out of there for having conservative views and their editor was a wimp, so out he went under the pretext of being...(Read Full Post)