After unsuccessfully trying to knock out President Trump, McCabe sues for critical tweets

Fired former Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is suing President Trump for mean tweets which he calls 'defamation.'

According to The Hill, citing Axios:

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is planning to sue the Trump administration for defamation and wrongful termination, according to multiple media reports Friday.

McCabe’s lawyer Michael Bromwich told reporters that McCabe is also considering filing other civil claims.

He said the legal team hasn’t yet figured out when they’re going to file the lawsuits and is working on making them "solid."

“We’ll file when we’re ready,” Bromwich said, according to Axios.

As if anyone in the swamp he inhabits would consider a negative tweet by Trump anything but a compliment.

No, this is about a bruised ego and hurt feelings.

McCabe, as you recall, was fired after an official Justice department Inspector General inquiry found him guilty of lying as he leaked stories to the press and then berated others for his own leaks, all in the interest of taking down President Trump. He also got negative stories planted in the press about Trump by sidling up to Reince Priebus in a sneaky snake in the grass maneuver and it involved his likely leaks, too. His eventual firing was done after one manipulation too many at the recommendation of his own FBI. Trump had nothing to do with the matter.

Trump just unleashed his negative opinion about McCabe, understandably so, given that McCabe's deeds amounted to trying to topple Trump, through tweets. McCabe engaged in behavior slimy even by Deep State swamp standards to take out President Trump, and now is suing because of ... his hurt feelings.

You know how the old saying goes: If you strike at the king, you must kill the king.

Mere tweets sounds like a pretty mild payback, actually, from Trump, who's always struck me as something of a pussycat.

I'm guessing McCabe isn't as good at glib writing as fired former FBI Director James Comey is, and a lawsuit is his revenge plan, instead of a big-dollar book and tour.

So now he's raging away, through multiple lawsuits, still awaiting the right moment to file because his lawyers want the case to be 'solid.' The fact that it isn't suggests rage might be the only fuel for the matter. How wretched that this guy can't think about how dumb he was to play in politics instead of maintain his professionalissm, try to get Trump toppled, and then spin a web of lies that ultimately got him fired. He'd be better off thinking about how he himself is at the root of his own problems, and attacking Trump for personal reasons with the tools of law enforcement was not such a good idea and the country will go on.

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