With Iran’s fire festival, the mullahs have reason to be nervous

Iranians hold and celebrate many different events and festivals all year round. “Charshanbe Soori,” is an ancient Persian “Festival of Fire” and one of the most beloved celebrations among the Iranian people. This festival has historic and ceremonial roots. The Iranians will hold the fire festival very soon, on March 13, 2018. It always begins at the sunset of the last Wednesday of the Persian year, which will happen this year, too. In this fire festival, ordinary Iranians pile tinder from bushes and pieces of wood in public places such as streets, alleys and squares, and then set them alight. People gather around the bonfires and jump over them, with shouting. The intention is to hope for enlightenment and happiness throughout the coming year. But it's not only that. The other reason is problematic for Iran's detested rulers, because with the help of fire, the people also recall tribulations. These include the long battle against dictatorship...(Read Full Post)