Why leftism is different from liberalism

It hasn't been easy, negotiating with adults who act like children, and now we are confronted with uncontrollable children with insatiable demands.  This is the difference between liberalism and the kind of individual we are facing today with leftism.  Leftism is an aggressive mutation of radical liberalism that not only has escalated its Marxist demands on the country, but has shown little regard for the detrimental consequences it produces. 

Leftism centers on a deep hatred of individual autonomy, national pride, and faith in God while embracing self-destructive behavior.

The consequences of this runaway madness are genuine and now threaten the stability and safety of the country.

Current examples include leftist politicians siding with foreign criminals over federal law enforcement officials and the leftist plan to allow non-citizens to vote, which fractures the foundation of the country.  If allowed to stand, Americans will lose their ability to make changes peacefully.  Decisions such as the expenditure of tax income, and if and when to go to war, will be made by foreigners who will reap the benefits of their vote but not suffer the consequences.

The leftist position to keep America's southern border unsecured and allow unrestricted immigration from any nation guarantees the collapse of lower-income American families as well as providing a domestic base of operations for anti-American terrorist groups.

This new kind of leftist madness usurps liberalism.  Where liberalism deceives the liberal into thinking he is doing good, when in reality, he is hurting the very people he wants to help, leftism aims at dismantling, dissolving, and tearing down out of hatred for the system.

So far it has proven to be a waste of time and resources to try to meet the leftist at some common ground.  And in the meantime, the country stagnates economically and socially due to leftist obstruction and subversion.

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