Why Gary Cohn's departure from the White House could be good news

The usual media spin is being applied to the announcement of Gary Cohn's pending departure from his post as President Trump's economic adviser.  It just has to be a disaster, an indicator of "chaos" in the White House and evidence that all right-thinking people agree that the newly announced proposed tariffs in steel and aluminum import are a bad, bad, bad idea.  The frosting on the cake is that Cohn had previously criticized President Trump's initial remarks following the Charlottesville demonstrations that ended in a fatality.  As CNBC delicately put it, the remarks "also fueled the possibility of Cohn, who is Jewish, resigning."  (Pure speculation!) CNBC's take. Here are some factors mostly ignored by the media to consider: Cohn has already accomplished his major task: passage of the tax reform bill that is spurring the economy to what should  be called "The Trump...(Read Full Post)