Trump to sign bill funding Obamacare, abortions, Schumer tunnel, but not the wall

Once again, President Trump and Republicans in Congress got rolled by Democrats.  Democrats, who are in the minority in Congress, got nearly everything they wanted in the new spending bill, and aside from increases in defense spending, Republicans got nearly nothing. Planned Parenthood continues to be funded ($500 million a year).  Obamacare also continues to be funded.  Agencies that Trump wanted cut, like the State Department and HUD and the EPA, actually get budget increases.  Even the National Endowment for the Arts gets an increase! Chuck Schumer got between 500 million dollars and three billion dollars for his favorite pet project, another tunnel to connect New York and New Jersey.  This was Schumer's top priority: to have the nation subsidize a tunnel between New York and New Jersey. And what did Republicans and Trump get in return?  An increase in defense spending and virtually nothing on border...(Read Full Post)