Too many questionable decisions in the FBI's handling of Islamist informants

Now that it's been revealed that his father was an FBI informant, it's worth reviewing the history of the government's interactions with Omar Mateen before he shot up the Pulse nightclub.  Janet Shagam found this.

From the Orlando Sentinel June 12, 2016:

FBI learned of Mateen in 2013 after he made inflammatory remarks to coworkers and alleged terrorist ties, said FBI Special Agent In Charge Ron Hopper.

And from another Sentinel article the same day:

The FBI investigated and interviewed witnesses and Mateen, but closed the investigation.  He came to the FBI's attention again in 2014 for making contact with a suicide bomber.  FBI determined their connection was minimal and closed the investigation.

Conservative Treehouse noted:

♦ Omar Mateen worked for a security firm under contract to the Department of Homeland Security called G4S. Mateen was licensed as a security guard and also holds a firearms license.  G4S, a global security firm with an office in Jupiter.  The same company is used by DHS to move illegal aliens around the country.

♦ Moner Abusalha, the first Ameerican suicide bomber in Syria, posted video of Imam calling for death of homosexuals.  In 2015 FBI investigated connection between Abusalha, who lived in Vero Beach, and Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter.  Mateen lived about 30 minutes south of Abusalha.

And Zerohedge informs us:

The security company that the killer worked for, you know, the company that is hired by homeland security to transport Illegals is owned by Pakistan[.]

This was confirmed by the Pakistani newspaper Dawn in 2012.   

Add this to the fact that an FBI undercover agent encouraged and accompanied the jihadis who tried to kill Pamela Geller at the "Draw Mohammed" meeting in Garland, Texas, and it becomes ever clearer why the FBI must be stripped of any counter-intelligence function.

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