Tillerson firing set to showcase just how little the media know

It's coming...just wait for it.  Any minute now, the press will declare President Trump's ouster of secretary of state Rex Tillerson as "chaos" and "disarray."  Such baloney. Tillerson was a good man, and he ably served the country in getting the Saudi Arabians to turn hard toward the West as the Iran threat loomed.  That's a real achievement.  The result we now see – from Saudis allowing women to drive to Saudis changing their stance toward Israel in a friendly direction to Saudis putting the screws to the local billionaire princeling financiers of Osama bin Laden and other lunatic forces, has been, frankly, breathtaking and spectacular.  Who could have guessed such a hellhole could become something good, and so quickly?  It was in no small part due to the efforts of Tillerson, an old oil man from his Exxon days, who knows the Saudis well and who was able to encourage them...(Read Full Post)