The spoiled brats of Parkland persuade us only of their own boorishness

A lot of attention has been focused on the Parkland shooting victims, out of which have emerged a few gun control activists. That's understandable, and for many, a matter of interest, given the students' firsthand experience with the worst experience anyone can possibly have with a gun. All the same, the sympathy factor started to congeal early when news emerged that these right-on-the-spot activists were just dupes in the hands of professional gun control lobbyists looking to capitalize on a tragedy, well financed and organized even before the bodies of their classmates were cold. It all started to look questionable, and even more so as news that Soros money was behind so much of their organized protests. But what's really starting to stand out now is the foul language, uncouth manners, and oafish behavior of the newly minted teenage gun control activists, who are obviously still the same spoiled brats they always were before the shooting, only now getting a lot of...(Read Full Post)