The spoiled brats of Parkland persuade us only of their own boorishness

A lot of attention has been focused on the Parkland shooting victims, out of which have emerged a few gun control activists. That's understandable, and for many, a matter of interest, given the students' firsthand experience with the worst experience anyone can possibly have with a gun. All the same, the sympathy factor started to congeal early when news emerged that these right-on-the-spot activists were just dupes in the hands of professional gun control lobbyists looking to capitalize on a tragedy, well financed and organized even before the bodies of their classmates were cold. It all started to look questionable, and even more so as news that Soros money was behind so much of their organized protests.

But what's really starting to stand out now is the foul language, uncouth manners, and oafish behavior of the newly minted teenage gun control activists, who are obviously still the same spoiled brats they always were before the shooting, only now getting a lot of attention.

Look at this behavior here, described by The Blaze:

Parkland student brags he hung up on Trump White House call, while classmate drops F-bomb on TV


Two victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting have become outspoken advocates for gun control, and they held nothing back during an appearance this week on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

One student bragged about hanging up on a phone call from the White House, while another said he is thankful for the chance to improve a world that previous generations have destroyed.

Are we supposed to be endeared to this uncouth behavior? Are we supposed to be persuaded to give up our guns by this? Are we supposed to consider these unmannered oafs our leaders now?

Update: Victory Girls has more examples of boorish behavior from what it dubs Generation Snowflake here.

Obviously, their boorishness is influenced by Gangsta Rap stars and Hollywood bozos, prized by entertainment industry and record label moguls, who make millions from such behavior. But it's not a credible basis for a mass movement. If the leaders of a movement act like pigs, and these teenagers are clearly doing that, it's a certainty that a mass movement will not follow from it.

Mass movements in democracies appeal to all ages and are unfailingly polite and mannerly. They have high concentrations of women within their ranks, often pretty young women. That's why they work - when you see this dynamic, you know the movement is going somewhere and will succeed in enacting change. The Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King had this kind of social dynamic. The Tea Party, whose members always picked up after themselves after large rallies had this kind of dynamic, too. Open piggishness from leaders does attract a following, as the example of the Yippies of the 1960s and the example of the Arab Spring leaders show, but it doesn't extend beyond the youth group itself. The boorishness of those leaders served to keep others away, and became a sort of treehouse for a certain kind of youth.

And it is a treehouse as the Parkland goofs see it. According to The Blaze report:

Kasky concluded by saying he accepts the apology of all of the generations before him.

“We appreciate that you are willing to let us rebuild the world that you f****d up,” he added.

That same world that nurtured these teenagers into spoiled brats? Oh. The Parkland few (because we know it's just the camera hogs, not most of the students) are out there trying to sound like Eminem in saying they won't respect their representative Senator, and hanging up on Donald Trump who is reaching out to them for their opinions, and then spewing the 'f' word for the cameras, like we are supposed to be impressed with their vocabulary.

The more they talk, the less they persuade, and the lower the chance their gun control ideas will come to pass. Already the polls show the public isn't budging. Having to listen to their cuss words is unlikely to move the needle. So here's to hoping they continue to act like oafs and apes with their foul language and ill-bred manners, showing us all about their malformed, television-watching, boorish personas. All we can tell from it is that they aren't ready for prime time, persuasion into results, or civilized society in general.

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