The 15 minutes of fame are about up for Daniels and Hogg

The phrase "everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" is credited to either Andy Warhol or his photographer, Nat Finkelstein (1966 or 1968).  Whoever said it first, it has indeed turned out to be true when it comes to persons who are suddenly slingshot into a media firestorm for one reason or another.  Soon enough, our twenty-four-hour news cycle moves on to the next cultural or political phenomenon, whether it is legitimate or entirely fake.

We forget these people the minute they disappear from our television or internet screens.  We will quickly forget Stormy Daniels and David Hogg, too, and the sooner, the better.  Let the next firestorm begin!  This one began to stink a few weeks ago.

The left in America increasingly swaddles itself in bubble wrap.  They, these progressives, do not intend to let the values of mainstream Americans interfere with their agenda to transform our nation.  When an event like the school shooting in Parkland occurs, they are quick to leap into action.  They know within minutes whom to blame, whom to catapult into the media spotlight, where to get the money to fund whatever campaign they spring into action to mount.  Like the devout students of Saul Alinsky they are, they know how to capitalize on a crime and misery. 

Clearly, the leftist media believed that as the Russia collusion meme fell apart, they could take Trump out with a porn star.  Is she really a star?  Who knows?  No one cares except the powers that be at CNN.  The Access Hollywood tape from years ago did not hurt Trump one bit, but somehow, in their dreams, a one-night stand twelve years ago with the porn actress will do the trick.

For weeks, CNN and MSNBC have gone all in on this stupid story.  Their reporting on Benghazi was nothing compared to their coverage of this particular brief encounter.  They have ignored entirely the volumes of proof that the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the media, the FBI, and the CIA colluded in a wholly illegal, unconstitutional way to take Trump down and out both before and after the election.  They don't want to know about that.

As Trevor Thomas wrote, "[o]f course children prefer liberalism."  They stick their fingers in their ears when facts they don't like might be become audible.  Their fingers are still in their ears.

The loathsome David Hogg and the pitiful Stormy Daniels are each sad commentaries on our 15-minutes-of fame culture.  The saddest aspect of their brushes with celebrity is their own apparent belief that these events are meaningful.  They are not – not one bit.  They are both this month's media instruments of rage and ratings.  Nothing Hogg has to say is based on truth or facts.  Whatever is true or not true re: Daniels's accusations is of no interest to anyone but voyeurs like Anderson Cooper.

Both Hogg and Daniels are about to be old news.  Sooner or later, the left and the media will realize that these two minions are doing more harm than good to their anti-Trump agenda.  The president's approval ratings have gone up over the past few weeks, and donations to the NRA have notably increased during CNN's intense focus on Hogg and Daniels.  Uh-oh.

The left has miscalculated badly.  Leftists have indeed unmasked themselves in the misguided belief that the rest of us are on board with gun confiscation, open borders, sanctuary cities, amnesty for millions of illegals, and the notion that Trump could be brought down by the revelation of a one-night stand years ago.  They could not be more wrong.  These are the folks who found nothing wrong with Bill Clinton's abusive exploits in the Oval Office.  As usual, the media in crowd assumes that the rest of us are uninformed idiots who remember nothing of their hardened defense of Clinton's many crimes against women and Hillary's complicity in those crimes.

Trump was elected to shake up the usual order of things, and the Democrats and their media partners will never forgive him for winning to do just that.  They will continue to wallow in the gutter in search of mud in which to drown him, but they are only drowning themselves with 15-minute anti-Trumper after 15-minute anti-Trumper in hopes that the Mueller persecution will lead to Trump's downfall.  It won't.

Image: Biswarup Ganguly via Wikimedia Commons.

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