Studio audience of The View erupts in applause at defense of Trump and attack on Hollywood and Hillary

Progressives in the media live in a cocoon, where dissenting voices are scorned, and liberal platitudes and pieties reign as eternal, unchallengeable truths.  Daytime television, with a heavily female viewing audience, has been a safe haven for Trump-haters, and the studio audiences for chat shows usually behave themselves and applaud or laugh on cue – such as at the latest spew from the lips of the likes of Joy Behar of The View.

But something is happening, and audiences are applauding at the wrong points – from time to time, at least.

Consider this vignette, spotted by Justin Caruso of The Daily Caller.  Meghan McCain, daughter of the Arizona senator and designated sorta-conservative cast member of The View, yesterday unloaded on Hollywood for bias against conservatives, throwing in their Hillary fetish and Trump-hatred, and the audience applauded.  Enthusiastically.

Courtesy of Caruso and The D.C., here is her little speech and a video below it, where the applause can be savored.

I don't really watch award shows anymore.  And maybe – I know there's a segment of the population that thinks Trump jokes are hilarious, making fun of Republicans is hilarious – I'm here to tell you that Hillary Clinton cameos, all that, I'm so turned off.  I have no interest in being lectured to about my friends who are Trump supporters.

And if Hollywood wants to like, be more inclusive, as they claim they are – they're all inclusive except when it comes to conservative values and except when it comes to Republicans and I'm not interested in watching that.



Ms. McCain is far from a hard-core conservative, but she has been performing admirably of late, even cornering Adam Schiff on Thursday.