South Park creators receive award from progressive group and shock Hollywood audience by declaring 'We're Republicans'

They are rude, crude, and vulgar on a regular basis – and I love 'em.  I confess that I admire the spirit behind the creators of South Park, even though I don't watch it or record it on my DVR – mostly because of time constraints, but also because the frequent vulgarity does not appeal to me.  Nonetheless, their hostility toward political correctness is a breath of fresh air.

The two creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are free spirits who enjoy surprising and shocking people.  (For those unfamiliar with their work, a four-minute segment from their show is embedded below.)  According to Pawl Bazile, writing on Milo Yiannopoulos's site Dangerous:

Last week Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry by announcing at an awards ceremony, "we're republicans."

The South Park creative powerhouses were receiving a "Freedom" award from People for the American Way and needed to reaffirm in front of the audience of high profile entertainment insiders, "No seriously, we're republicans," after the audience became uncomfortably chuckled [sic] at the concept of right wingers among them.  Larry Elder tweeted about the crowd's reaction saying:

As Bazile notes:

People for the American Way Foundation is an advocacy group for progressive values chaired by television legend Norman Lear from All in the Family and Sanford and Son fame.  Lear has a consistent track of advocating for free speech and showcasing politically incorrect programming.  However, the PFAW mission statement includes in no uncertain terms it is a " advocacy organizations founded to fight right-wing extremism[.]"

I can't claim to know him well, but I spent a few hours with Norman Lear in the late 1980s discussing a business proposition he was considering on which he wanted some advice.  We hit it off, and after our discussion, he took me on a tour of his offices on the studio lot and allowed me to sit in for a while with the writers working on his sitcom that was then in production.  It was a fascinating thing for me to experience, and it helped me appreciate the process by which humor is manufactured in popular television.

I found Lear to be a sincere and honest person and sensed that he truly loves this country.  He has an extensive collection of Americana, and I would not be in the least surprised if his dedication to free speech includes the speech of people with whom he disagrees.  In that regard, he would be miles ahead of the assembled Hollywood types who were at the awards ceremony and who laughed nervously.

I don't often find myself saluting Hollywood bigwigs, but in this instance, I offer my congratulations to Parker, Stone, and Lear, all of them certifiable Hollywood landmark figures.

Here is the sample of South Park mentioned above.  If you are easily offended, don't click.

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