Scoop! Bob Woodward thinks some reporters are 'emotionally unhinged' covering Trump

Bob Woodward is a veteran reporter and one of the smartest people in Washington. Just ask him. 

His powers of observation and keen insight are second to none. Not very much gets by him in DC. 

Woodward turned his prodigious analytical power to coverage of the current president and made an astonishing breakthrough.

Washington Free Beacon:

"You’ve described the Trump presidency as being a "test" for the news media. Do you think the media is failing the test?" asked Newsweek.

The former Washington Post reporter—now an associate editor—responded journalists could always do better, including himself, but that he thought the media had not "failed" to date.

"But we have a lot of work to do," he continued. "A number of reporters have at times become emotionally unhinged about it all, one way or the other."

"Look at MSNBC or Fox News, and you will see those continually either denigrating Trump or praising him. I think the answer is in the middle, and in this class I talk about how it’s important to get your personal politics out," Woodward went on.

"It's destructive to become too politicized. The emotion should be directed at doing more work, not some feeling or personal conclusion."

Woodward has leveled similar criticisms in the past, including during a January CNN hit alongside his former Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein.

"In lots of reporting, particularly on television, commentary, there's kind of self-righteousness and smugness, and people kind of ridiculing the president," Woodward said. "When we reported on Nixon, it was obviously a very different era, but we did not adopt a tone of ridicule. The tone was, ‘what are the facts?'"

Bernstein is an old timer from the classic school of journalism. That doesn't mean he's objective and non-partisan. It means he can hide his bias better than this younger generation who wear their hearts and politics on their sleeves and believe that journalism is a leftist calling. Where Bernstein learned the craft of journalism, modern reporters and talking heads think they have to change the world.

Of course, this means that today's journalists feel compelled to save the country every day, whether from Trump or liberals. It makes for boring, predictable reading and listening which is why newspapers are dying and partisan websites like AT are flourishing.



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