Scary map shows parts of SF Bay Area to be destroyed by global warming

The 1970s were a great time for disaster movies.  There was Earthquake with Charlton Heston, Towering Inferno with Steve McQueen, the Poseidon Adventure, and many more. By the 1990s, disaster movies had taken on a distinctly sci-fi element, such as the movie Armageddon, which highlighted the twin disasters of an asteroid striking the Earth and a plan to send Ben Affleck into space. That's where we are today, except our science fiction is being portrayed as science fact by liberals who want to scare us with the global warming bogeyman.  In their latest attempt, they have produced a map showing which parts of the San Francisco Bay Area will be plunged underwater by 2100 due to global warming: Points for discussion: 1. Notice that San Francisco is spared from flooding, but Oakland in the northeast and San Jose in the south (right next to Santa Clara) are subject to a lot of it.  S.F. is largely white, but Oakland is home to many black people and San...(Read Full Post)