Red-state senator Jon Tester gets a 'zero' on Trump agenda votes

Two-term Montana Democratic senator Jon Tester has joined a chorus of red-state Democrats with a newfound affinity for Trump voters after continually voting with the Democratic caucus against the president's agenda. In his quest for re-election in a state that President Trump carried by 21 points, Tester has released a new campaign ad "highlighting the 13 pieces of legislation he's co-sponsored that the president signed into law," as James Hohman at reports.  The new ad features "[v]eterans, a cop, a firefighter and an elderly couple" counting off "the bills and resolutions," with Tester declaring that "Washington's a mess, but that's not stopping me from getting bills to help Montana signed into law by President Trump." But Hohman also notes that, while Tester's 13 bills include naming "a mountain peak" and amending "the U.S. Flag Code," "Tester has stuck with the...(Read Full Post)