New Terminator travels back in time to stop other Terminator films from being made

A poster boy of the pathology of "sequelitis" in Hollywood is the Terminator series.  Back in the day (1984), the first Terminator movie was innovative – the idea of a giant, musclebound android from the future transported into our present to kill someone who would be important in the fight against the androids in the future.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, the evil android, didn't  have much to say in this film, but he didn't need to.  (You can see all 65 words of his dialogue here, from "Nice night for a walk" to "Get out!") Terminator II: Judgment Day (1993) was much the same, but it turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a good android to fight an evil android from the future. The three sequels after that were lackluster.  Terminator III: Rise of the Machines once again featured Arnold (a good android) fighting an evil android, with the only difference being that...(Read Full Post)