Nancy Pelosi runs from the 'crumbs,' and then really steps in it

Nancy Pelosi hasn't exactly been in clover since she disdainfully sniffed that $1,000 worker bonuses were just "crumbs" following the Republican passage of tax cuts.  She was so against those that she screeched that "people are going to die!" if the tax cuts dared pass in Congress.  After the tax cuts did, just as in Aesop's tale of the fox and the grapes, she called the resulting unexpected bonuses "crumbs."

Apparently, the fallout has been so bad on that she's backtracked on her remarks, putting out this tweet, which was noticed by Fox News:

It's because her "crumbs" remark was nothing short of an insult to workers.  One thousand extra dollars in workers' pockets left a lot of them fairly pleased about the improvement in their circumstances after eight years of Obama and Democratic rule.

Pelosi's remark raised questions about her perception of reality, calling attention as it did to her own heavy wealth compared to that of ordinary workers.  After all, when you are worth the millions she is, a mere $1,000 really does look like crumbs.

As I wrote here of Pelosi and the $1,000 bonuses last January:

But it's not exactly an amount that would impress the legislative body's wealthiest member, with her $200-million fortune.

Pelosi, remember, represents San Francisco, a city so wealthy that it's virtually impossible to live there on less than a million-dollar salary.  The worst house in the most wretched parts of the city sold for $350,000.  The median home value is $1.275 million.  Pelosi lives in the richest, ritziest, fanciest area of the forbidden city, Pacific Heights, and her house, as of two years ago, was worth more than $7.5 million, undoubtedly more than that now.  She's got a condo in Georgetown, in the capital; a vineyard in Napa Valley's tony and historic St. Helena; and several other houses she and her husband rent out, according to this National Review survey of her holdings.

A mere thousand dollars to the richest member of the House is...crumbs.

To America's workers, however, the $1,000 bonuses, after eight years of austerity during the Obama years as the Beltway bureaucrats and welfare classes fed at the public trough, were a good thing – new refrigerators, new beds, a fixed up housefront, skis and ski trips, a repaired car, credit cards paid off, Little League trips, savings for college, money for investment.  They came as a result of President Trump's tax cut, and there was no getting around it.  Trump did something good, and Pelosi and her Democrats steamed and then called out.

She's not out of the woods by her backtracking.

The Twitterati have pointed out something new and important about her backtracking, as this smack-down, seen on Glenn Reynolds's Instapundit, shows:

It calls attention to the fact that Democrats haven't done a thing for ordinary workers, obsessed as they are with feathering their own nests and those of their favored special interest groups during their time in power and in their party line now – illegals, welfare recipients, rich coastal green enclaves, etc.  Ordinary workers not only got zilch, but got horrific enforced taxes such as Obamacare, while getting very little in return, which was usually less than what they had earlier.  Now they're free of that, and millions have $1,000 bonuses besides.

The tweet also serves as a warning to voters that bonuses are limited only because of the threat of Democrats getting voted in again and hollering about "the rich," who supposedly don't pay enough in taxes and must be taxed more.  Those taxes are worker bonuses – something that came about only when Trump came to power.

Nancy Pelosi can't win on this, no matter how she tries to lie her way out of it.

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