Mike Pence goes for the jugular with anti-Christian Joy Behar

Vice President Mike Pence is considered a gentleman. He's someone who stays out of the spotlight, says quiet and sensible things, steers clear of controversy, plays by the rules, follows Christian principles, seems neat and orderly, and comes off as an all-around nice guy. It's easy to see him as a duplicate of President George W. Bush, who let the left run roughshod all over him for his gentlemanliness, and out of decorum, never let out a peep. Even when Hugo Chavez smelled sulfur, hollered 'donkey,' and spewed filthy race-tinged rape-fantasy rants against then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Bush kept silent. All out of respect for the office, or something like it. Chavez knew he'd do nothing and repeatedly got away with it, knowing the rest of the left would cheer.

President Trump's election showed it doesn't pay to be that kind of gentleman - it pays to fight.

Thank goodness Pence is on the same page. After leftist television host Joyce Behar questioned his sanity for professing his Christian faith, his supporters, who watch that kind of TV, were up in arms. And Behar was forced to apologize to him privately, for going overboard and being such a pig.

Pence wasn't interested. He directed her to speak to the real people she had insulted: all Christians.

No Snowflake - Fightin' Mike Pence /// Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Behar, of course. didn't. But with his move, he laid the pressure on her, and there is remains as her viewers go the way of the NFL's viewers.

Pence's move was a good one because it showed that the man had more fight in him than Bush, and wasn't afraid to be who he was. No, it's not gay people who have problems being "who they are" these days, it's Christians.

It's the big problem in the Christian community these days. Not even the pope wants to admit he's Christian, it sometimes seems. Christianity is embarassing, socially unacceptable, too hard, all that dreck, never anything worth standing up and fighting for these days. But Pence didn't back down and that sets a good standard.

And in doing this, he made it just a little easier to be Christian. Hollywood culture and people like Joy Behar, have gotten away with putting Christian beliefs down for decades. Now with Pence's leadership and viewer anger, working in tandem, the cost of that just went up for the intolerant.

Thanks, Mike Pence.


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