Michelle Obama admits her vegetable garden shtick was all a ruse

In the midst of a flap about Washington Post pop fashion writer Robin Givhan getting kicked out of a Black Entertainment Television conference for violating confidentiality, we learn something new about the Real Michelle Obama from Givhan's reporting, first spotted in a buried lede in a New York Post story:

"The garden was a subversive act," she said. "You can't go in with guns blazing until people trust you."

The passage continues in the Givhan report in the Washington Post here:

And there could be no reprimanding.  No finger-wagging.  Because she knew that her finger-wagging, a black woman's finger-wagging, would be both amplified and resented.

So she gave herself a bit of advice: Put down your finger and pick up the garden hoe.  "What's more innocent than a garden?" Mrs. Obama said.

All to conceal her real agenda by enticing people to trust her?  Because anyone would be racist not to?

Reporting this was what got Givhan kicked out of the conference.  Apparently, the conference-organizers thought she would ignore her journalist's nose for news and continue to carry water for the Obamas as she always has.  Apparently, she just couldn't resist – and in any case, Givhan probably thought the passage flattered Michelle Obama.

It didn't.  The statement was meant to be off the record, private, and secret, just as President Obama wanted his speech to an unimportant sports conference kept top-secret.  This is what she says in private when she thinks the cameras are off.

And it doesn't paint a pretty picture.  In a bid to advance a wide-ranging left-wing agenda on America, Michelle Obama strategized that it would be best to fool the American people first into thinking she was just a nice garden lady and concerned only about nutrition.  Her "nasty-rotty" food left the trust thing a failure, but never mind that.

What she had in mind was an Alinskyite grand plan for eurotrashifying America into one of Europe's miserable failing social democracies, where the government watches every bite you put into your mouth and everything else you do, leaving you with zero choices.  The ruse to get it in place is an Alinskyite tactic.  Instead of just saying up front and outright that she wanted socialism, she came gently, proffering a basket of healthy vegetables to the trusting American people as bait before presumably moving on to her real agenda.

Why else would she reveal her strategy that way and not want it to become public?

Voters should remember it if and when Michelle Obama runs for president.

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