Kamala Harris's shocking worry about arming teachers

Senator Kamala Harris apparently has a very low opinion of the nation's schoolteachers.  That's odd, because the freshman senator from California faced a primary battle for the nomination to replace retiring senator Barbara Boxer and got a huge boost from the California Teachers Association endorsement.

Given that background, why would she be worried that if teachers are armed as a deterrent to school shooters, they would shoot minority children out of sheer racism?

Moonbattery noticed the senator's question to acting FBI deputy director David Bowditch, in which she appeared to worry that racism would cause teachers to use their guns on minority students.

It is holy writ among race-obsessed progressive mountebanks that any differences among races in the rate of school discipline (or crime) is solely due to racism, not entertaining the possibility that behavior might have something to do with it.  So the only reason to mention the disparate rates of discipline in the context of armed teachers is to imply they would be racist shooters of innocent black and Hispanic students.

Of course, Harris, whose principal qualification for high elective office is her biracial good looks, didn't think about the implications of her question.

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