Justice Dept. IG will accuse former FBI director McCabe of 'misleading' investigators

Former FBI director Andrew McCabe will come in for heavy criticism from the Justice Department inspector general of leaking stories to the press and then "misleading" investigators about it.

The oversight report being prepared by Michael Horowitz, the department I.G. appointed by President Obama, will say McCabe instructed subordinates to leak to the press about the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, even though they were not authorized to speak to the press.  McCabe then misled investigators who asked about it.

McCabe waited until late summer to recuse himself from the investigation into Clinton emails, despite a clear conflict of interest because Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe was raising money for his wife's state Senate campaign.

Daily Caller:

Among the leaks authorized by McCabe was one to The Wall Street Journal for an Oct. 30, 2016 article detailing an internal FBI and Justice Department battle over the Clinton Foundation investigation. 

Some sources for the article suggested that McCabe issued a "stand down" order on the investigation. Other pro-McCabe sources portrayed him in a more positive light.

One source described an August 2016 conversation that McCabe had with a Justice Department official who thought the Clinton Foundation probe was a dead end.

"Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?" McCabe asked the official, according to the source.

The sources for the article have not been identified, but one McCabe subordinate was in contact with Devlin Barrett, the reporter who wrote the article for TheWSJ.

Lisa Page, an FBI attorney, sent text messages to FBI agent Peter Strzok discussing her conversations with Barrett.  Horowitz discovered Strzok and Page's text messages as part of his investigation.  The discovery led to Strzok's removal from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. 

What's the difference between "lying" to the FBI and "misleading"?

While McCabe's position allowed him to speak with the media, Horowitz seemingly deemed it problematic that he authorized surrogates to discuss an ongoing investigation.

As for misleading statements about the leaks, The Post reports that McCabe claims that he did not intentionally mislead investigators.

If you believe that, I've got a bridge over the Chicago River I'd like to sell you.

McCabe was part of the anti-Trump triumvirate in the FBI with Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.  All three harbored serious hatred for Trump that the FBI and others continue to insist did not affect their "professionalism" in investigating Clinton or Trump.  This is a load of garbage that only five-year-olds and liberals believe.  Investigators at every level of law enforcement might try to keep their personal feelings separate from their work, but the idea that they can compartmentalize such strong feelings against a political candidate is absurd.

The I.G. report will be released later this month or next month.  It is expected to also criticize former director James Comey for his letter to Congress saying he was reopening the Clinton email investigation just days before the election.