Is Dianne Feinstein's head filled with Jell-O?

Every time a lunatic with the intent to do harm commits mass murder with a firearm, it appears that the media, politicians, and celebrities are in competition with each other to see who can make the most ridiculous claims about guns and get them to stick.  It's hard to have an honest dialog about guns and gun violence when so many are peddling pure fiction as fact.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is one such individual, pushing absolute nonsense in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.  She recently tweeted this quote from a Rolling Stone article (swallow your coffee before reading):

The idea that being shot with a bullet fired from a handgun is merely like a "stabbing with a bullet" and that "it goes in like a nail" compared to the 5.56mm round is one of the more absurd claims currently in circulation.  The senator's head must be filled with Jell-O to promote such garbage.

Handguns are chambered for any number of different calibers, and each has many options to choose from, regarding bullet weight, style (hollow-point, soft-point, FMJ...) and powder charge, but I can guarantee that even a .22LR hollow-point fired from my S&W 2206 pistol wouldn't just "go in like a nail."

While it may appear that Feinstein's head is indeed filled with Jell-O, it is far more likely she is being purposely deceitful to push her unconstitutional agenda, because at one time, she held a concealed carry permit and was rumored to have carried a .357 Magnum.

So let's pull out the Jell-O – or more appropriately, ballistics gelatin – and provide a basic comparison of the damage created by the 5.56mm and the "nail-like".357 Magnum.  (Regarding the former, the doctor in the Rolling Stone article says: "As the bullet strikes the body, the payload of kinetic energy rips open a cavity inside the flesh – essentially inert space – which collapses back on itself, destroying inelastic tissue, including nerves, blood vessels and vital organs.")

Here is a version of the 5.56mm that has seen much use on the battlefield (since some are obsessed with "weapons of war" being on the streets) – video here:

Obviously, that little .22-caliber bullet traveling at high velocity can be quite devastating, even though an expanding soft-point bullet would do more damage.

Here is a version of the .357 Magnum that is used for self-defense – video here:

This hardly coincides with the imagery Feinstein and Rolling Stone were attempting to create.  Senator Feinstein isn't full of Jell-O.  She's full of something else, and she knows it.

And if you think they won't eventually come for all guns, just look at what a 12-gauge shotgun slug does to ballistic gelatin.

Shame on Senator Feinstein for being so deceitful.  It's clear that our constitutional rights will be a little more secure once Feinstein is retired to her multi-million-dollar home and being spoon-fed Jell-O.

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