IL liberal group sends out mailers trying to shame people into voting

From the minds of liberals come the most autocratic ideas.

A liberal group in Illinois doesn't like the fact that many people choose not to vote.  The idea that it's their "choice" not to vote is irrelevant.  So an organization called "The Illinois State Voter Report" is sending out a mailer to voters trying to shame them into voting by listing friends and neighbors of their who have not voted in recent elections.

After the March 20 primary election, the group intends "to mail an updated you will all know who voted and who did not."  It ends with "DO YOUR CIVIC DUTY---VOTE!"

And if you don't, we'll embarrass you with your friends and neighbors.

Gateway Pundit:

J. from Illinois sent us a copy of the letter he received in the mail this past week:

I just wanted to send you a copy of this shame letter I received the other day from the Illinois State Voter Report.  Apparently Illinois is now in the business of shaming someone to vote.  I blacked out names and addresses for privacy reasons of course, but I was wondering if you were aware of these shameful tactics.  In my over 40 years, I have never seen something like this.

In communist countries in the '80s, voting was mandatory, punishable by prison time if you failed to cast a ballot.  The propagandists would then brag to the world about their 99% turnout.

Using threats and intimidation to get out the vote is un-American and un-democratic.  The whole point of America is that it isn't a matter of life and death if you vote.  In some countries, it is.  Perhaps liberals in Illinois would like to create a country like that. 

Knowing that someone is watching whether you vote makes you wonder if they don't know how you voted.  That sort of intimidation is probably the next step in the evolution of America that liberals would like to see.

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