ICE chief: 3 illegal aliens committed crimes since warned of raid in Oakland

Thomas Homan, deputy director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said at a White House roundtable on immigration, that three illegal aliens warned of an ICE raid in Oakland by Mayor Libby Schaaf have since committed crimes.

The warning of the impending raid is being looked at by Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a possible violation of the law.

Washington Times:

"Three of the people we couldn't locate have since reoffended," Mr. Homan announced at a White House roundtable called by President Trump Tuesday to put pressure on sanctuary cities to drop their policies.

Across the nation in California, meanwhile, Los Alamitos, a small city in Orange County, voted to opt out of the state's chief sanctuary law that restricts cooperation between local officers and federal authorities.

The city council's 4-1 vote will have to be repeated next month to be finalized, but Mayor Troy Edgar said he hoped other cities would follow their lead.

"As the mayor of Los Alamitos, we are not a sanctuary city," he said, the Orange County Register reported.

The city's challenge is the latest round in an ongoing battle over three laws California enacted last year to protect illegal immigrants [sic] and thwart federal immigration agents and officers.

The chief law restricts police and sheriff's departments from providing cooperation with immigration authorities.  Another law prohibits jails from expanding contracts with the federal government to hold illegal immigrants [sic], and gives state officials investigative powers to probe existing facilities.  The third law bans businesses from voluntarily cooperating with immigration authorities.

Trump has continually been thwarted by the courts in rescinding money from law enforcement due to sanctuary city policies.  It may be that unless Congress can act, there is nothing to be done on that front.

But clearly, something must be done.

Mr. Homan is also still chafing at the warning by Ms. Schaaf, the Oakland mayor, last month.

He said one man had been released under sanctuary policies in November, after jail officials ignored an ICE request to hold him.  His deportation officers tried to arrest the man last month as part of their enforcement action in Northern California, but after Ms. Schaaf's warning he was one of the more than 800 who eluded them.

He has since been arrested for robbery and weapons violations, Mr. Homan said.

Another man was arrested for "injury of a spouse," and a third was arrested for his third drunken-driving offense.

"So if he's getting arrested three times, how many times has he committed this crime? That is a public safety threat," Mr. Homan said.

Mr. Homan is absolutely right, but he misses the point.  The issue is not "public safety"; it's politics.  Sanctuary city politicians care more about catering to their Hispanic constituency – especially the pro-illegal alien faction – so public safety must take a back seat.  They will claim that illegal aliens really don't commit that many crimes, and it's more important to have illegals trust the police not to turn them in than it is for the law to be enforced.

Meanwhile, illegals who should have been deported are committing more crimes.  They are giving "sanctuary" not only to families.  Mixed in with the wife and kids is another criminal, committing new crimes, bent on making Americans victims.

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