Hillary won’t shut up, even as her speaking fees tumble

Hillary Clinton won’t or can’t stop giving speeches, even though her price has fallen from well into six figures to less than Snooki received at the same campus.  Sporting a cast on her arm from reportedly falling in her bathtub in India after stumbling down a staircase in public there, the twice-failed presidential candidate received $25,000 for addressing an audience at Rutgers University yesterday. NJ.com reports that this sum, that Nancy Pelosi would probably call “cumbs,” was just over 2/3 the sum paid by Rutgers to partake of the wisdom of Snooki:

Rutgers has a history of shelling out considerably more that $25,000 to notable speakers. Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison made $30,000 in 2011. Bill Moyers received $35,000 to speak in 2015. And — wait for it — Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was given $32,000 for a Rutgers appearance that offered the sage advice, “Study hard, but party harder.”

But at her bargain priced speech, there were plenty of takers:

…keep in mind that Hillary's speech had to be moved to a larger venue in response to initial demand, that the 6,500 available tickets were snapped up in 30 minutes, and that — at the time of the speech's start time — more than 3,000 people were on a waitlist hoping they might get in. 

I hope that this encourages her to keep talking, and going out in public where her stumbles and falls can be recorded for all to see. It is not clear whether this pattern is due to an undisclosed illness, alcoholism (one of the danger signs of a secret alcoholic is repeated unexplained injuries from falls), or something else. While her fans support her utterances denigrating those who didn’t vote for her, and find her self-pity a spark to their own compassion, I don’t think she is winning new converts with self-pitying comments like these yesterday:

Clinton said she's heard this one a lot: "I'd vote for a woman, but just not that woman." Then she joked, "since I'm often that woman ... " before she trailed off to laughs from the audience.

Clinton talked about some of the double standards between men and women in politics. When would you accuse a man attacking an opponent of being shrill? she asked. (snip)

The 2016 election and Trump won, so why is Clinton still making public appearances and talking to crowds?

Or, Mandel put it to Clinton, why still talk when "people say get off the stage and shut up"?

Her response was direct: "They never said that to any man who was not elected."

Actually, Hillary has forgotten that until Al Gore withdrew his concession and started his global warming con, the custom was for losing candidates to gracefully withdraw, at least for a period of years, from public life. Hubert Humphrey was a good example. And plenty of people criticized Gore, who is widely believed to be a man.

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