Florida woman deliberately crashes car into sheriff’s station, media ignore the obvious

It's a rule of thumb for alert readers that when a politician is caught doing something embarrassing or criminal, if no political party is specified, you can safely bet that he is a Democrat.  Something similar appears to be at work with terroristic acts.  Consider the incident on Monday in which a woman named Lasandra Johnson appeared to deliberately crash her car into a Broward Sheriff's Office in Pembroke Park, Florida, carrying accelerants that caused the car to burst into flames.  The local newspapers, the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald, both reported the rather dramatic incident.  The Sun-Sentinel noted:

"Lasandra Johnson drove into the South Broward district office on Monday with accelerants in her car," said Joy Oglesby, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office. ...

However, Johnson, 34, was hurt and burned in the crash and remained hospitalized Wednesday.

A worker who was painting inside the building when the incident happened was able to help Johnson get out of the crashed red Toyota Camry.

"She was engulfed in flames," the worker, Ben Mendez, said on Monday.

Pretty shocking behavior, and drama aplenty.  What could be behind this?  Readers might want to know what could possibly cause a woman to do this.  Or at least see a picture of her.  But all the Sun-Sentinel would note is:

Detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit of the sheriff's office are still trying to determine why the crash happened.

The Herald's shorter account covered most of the same facts and left readers with a mystery:

Detectives in BSO's Violent Crimes Unit were still investigating Wednesday to determine why Johnson drove into the building.

Neither paper mentioned facts or pictures that John Cardillo was able to discover and post to Twitter:

As Pamela Geller notes:

Deliberately ramming cars into people and buildings, and targeting police in particular, is a common jihadi pattern.  The Islamic State (ISIS) and others have called on Muslims in the U.S. to attack police, and to run them over with their cars.  If the media in Florida were worth its salt and actually interested in reporting, they would tell these facts to the public, and reveal that Lasandra Johnson is a devout Muslim.  Instead, silence.  Why?  What do they think will happen?  Do they think the jihad will go away if they ignore it?  Do they think reporting on jihad attacks will incite their ever-present bogeymen, "right-wing extremists"?  It's madness.

Ignoring the obvious has never worked out well with any problem.