Donald J. Bush puts pen to rotten paper

I am a strong supporter of President Trump, always ready to defend him, as I have done here in previous columns.

It pains me to write this, but President Trump made a yuge mistake to sign the omnibus bill.  It is comparable to George H.W. Bush breaking his promise of "read my lips: no new taxes."

This is major political blunder because Trump gave up on funding the wall.  The wall was the rallying cry of his campaign and his presidency to signify stop illegal immigration and enforce our immigration laws.  Trump talked about the wall while campaigning for Republican candidates.  His supporters believed him and responded enthusiastically when he said we would build the wall.  The wall was the symbol and rallying cry.  How can he now campaign for Republican candidates and say he will build the wall when we know he gave up on it?  It will sound hollow.

Trump threw this away by signing the omnibus bill, which provided only $1.6 billion for the wall for a couple of hundred miles at best.  Trump tried to justify signing the bill by saying he had to do it to rebuild the military.  But he could have done both.  He should have forced the weaklings Ryan and McConnel to include full funding for the wall.  If the Democrats objected, then take the government shutdown, and tell the country that the Dems endangered our military readiness.

Trump looked weak in his talk to justify the spending bill.  He looked and sounded like Low-Energy Jeb.  He did not believe what he was saying.

Worse, Trump has endangered his presidency because this will upset the voters who wanted the wall.  These voters may not support Republican candidates in November.  Why vote for a Republican Congress and Republican president if they go along with Pelosi and Schumer to fund Planned Parenthood but not the wall and increase spending to increase the deficit?  This was the time for Trump and Republicans to take a stand.  We have the House, the Senate, the presidency, and the momentum of the Republican base supporting Trump.  Let the Dems obstruct and shut the government, but at least fight for the wall and cutting spending.  We may lose the House in November, which means we will never fund the wall and never cut spending.

If the Dems win the House, they will surely move to impeach Trump, who has alienated the base that elected him.  Ryan and McConnell and the limp wing of the Republican Party will not support Trump if there is impeachment, and Trump may have lost too many of his voters.

Trump said this will never happen again, but that is admitting that it should not have happened now.  Our only hope is that in six months, when this monstrosity ends, Trump will fight for a real budget that funds the wall and cuts spending, regardless of what weaklings Ryan and McConnell do.   If he doesn't, he will be a one-term president like Bush.

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