Democrats run scared over census citizenship question

Apparently, asking people in the U.S. whether they are citizens of the U.S. or not, in the decennial census, is presenting a big crisis for Democrats.

According to left-leaning Mike Allen's top ten morning stories, citing a New York Times article:

5. Dems fear immigrants will skip 2020 census

"At least 12 states signaled ... that they would sue to block the Trump administration from adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 census, arguing that the change would cause fewer Americans to be counted and violate the Constitution," the N.Y. Times reports:

  • Why it matters: The question could discourage immigrant participation.
  • "The Constitution requires that every resident of the United States be counted in a decennial census, whether or not they are citizens."
  • "The results are used not just to redraw political boundaries from school boards to House seats, but to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars in federal grants and subsidies."

Fear? Is Allen really hearing that they have fear? Not just consider it important, but consider it an existential threat to their power?

Apparently, so. The argument goes that illegals won't answer the census out of fear that their immigration status will be found out and then not be counted in the census. If a lot of them refuse, then Democrats could lose seats in Congress. It says a lot about the base of the Democratic Party that non-citizens are that important to them, the very basis of why they are in office at all. Talk about foreign influence in the U.S. elections. What kind of party seeks to exert immense power over the lives of citizens through leftwing policies, yet doesn't even have a citizen base to back their power?

So now they have launched a 12-state lawsuit featuring 12 Democratic states desperate to stay blue by keeping that citizenship question off the census. By the logic of the lawsuit, the U.S. Constitution is violated if foreigners here illegally decide to break the law a second time by not complying with answering the census, something the rest of us could be busted for if we failed to comply. Illegals not only have a constitutional 'right' to cross the border illegally, they have a second constitutional 'right' to not answer the census because they don't like one of its questions.

What's vivid here is that here in California, which shelters a quarter of the nation's illegals due to all the goodies on offer ("You're all welcome in California," Gov. Jerry Brown said, speaking in front of the Mexican flag), the districts led by the most rabid Democrats, both in Congress and in the statehouses, are the very ones with the highest concentrations of illegals. In Cudahy, for instance, off the highway 710 corridor south of Los Angeles, around 90% of the voting age population does not vote, and only a quarter of the potential voter population is eligible, due to their non-citizen status - and the figure is probably much higher now. Corruption-plagued Cudahy is represented by radicals in Washington and Sacramento because just about nobody is qualified to vote, leaving the manipulation of the election very easy in the hands of leftwing political operatives. These radicals would not be in power were it not for the tiny voter bases cushioned by huge illegal populations which comes of the current set-up, which is to count illegals in the census without determining their status.

Here is what L.A. Weekly reported about Cudahy in 2007, three years before the city's massive corruption scandal:

Cudahy resembles a Mexican border town more than it does a Los Angeles suburb. Entrenched gangs and Mexican drug trafficking have trapped working-class legal and illegal immigrants in a cycle of violence and fear, in a city where less than a quarter of the 28,000 residents are eligible to vote. An uneducated city council, a deeply troubled police force imported from Maywood two towns over, and the raw power of the 18th Street Gang — a complex criminal organization with a knack for setting up business fronts and obscuring underground drug activity — make Cudahy residents seem like hostages in their own city.

 But Cudahy is rather interesting. In a bid to shake out the city's sanctuary city status, some conservative working class residents found that the number of registered voters in that city was so low, it only took 62 petition signatures to get their measure on the ballot. The threshhold in California to get a local measure on the ballot is 10% of registered voters.

Even participation of registered voters is insanely low at 8.6% in Los Angeles county, which is a sign of this phenomenon of high numbers of illegals dominating cities, but not voting, going on all over in the region. There have been intense voter registration drives in Los Angeles county for the past decade in illegal-immigrant rich districts and many of these registrants allow the political operatives to register them yet do not turn out to vote.

Yet it's a very big deal to the Democrats and their media allies. The story was big enough to be the front-page, above-the-fold headliner in this morning's San Diego Union-Tribune here:

The Trump administration's decision to add a question about citizenship in the 2020 Census was met with fierce pushback from its critics Tuesday, launching a legal and political battle with enormous stakes in a fight that pits the administration against many Democratic states.

The decision announced late Monday night by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has already triggered legal challenges from California and New York, with the latter promising a "multi-state" lawsuit challenging the administration.

The resource allocation issue is interesting, too. If illegal immigrants refuse to answer questions about citizenship from the census and decide not to be counted, federal and state cash could be withheld from the districts, leaving less money for leftwing politicians to throw around.

So much for the Democrats' claims that illegals are only here to work and would never dream of draining the public coffers by taking welfare. The Seattle Times describes blue states as likely to lose billions in federal allocations because illegals are unlikely to answer the census due to its citizenship questions.

Now imagine if illegal immigrants, who are anything but in the shadows, based on their activism, and who trust the government enough to use taxpayer subsidies for housing, schooling, medical care, etc., and who at least want to vote Democrat, somehow can't trust the government enough to admit that they are non-citizens. Not illegals, mind you, just non-citizens. It's pretty amazing.

As Democrats fight this question out of mortal fear they may lose power and money to throw around, it highlights to the rest of us that without foreign illegals, they aren't popular. What it really means is that they are admitting to being a fifth column, in hock with a foreign population base, not an American one. They don't represent us.





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