Democrat congressional candidate calls most Miami voters 'uneducated'

So much for the blue wave.

A Democratic candidate for the vacating seat of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the Miami area had this to say of the people whose votes she is seeking in her race for a seat in Congress"

“There’s a perception that this is a very wealthy district. Out of the 740,000 people, only about 190,000 have college degrees, 90,000 have graduate degrees,” said Kristen Rosen Gonzalez. “But the vast majority of people in this district are uneducated.

Yep, all the little kids, the people who fled Castroite communism, the plumbers and electricians, what an 'uneducated' lot. What would they know about anything without a graduate degree like she has?


And of course, she wasn't too happy when the Miami Herald accurately tweeted her remark:


“It’s disappointing when the Miami Herald pulls a truly thoughtful and empirical observation out of context. My only intention is to improve and serve our community and the person who tweeted that knows that,” she said. “Shame on that person.”

Ummm, no. The person who should be ashamed is herself.

The Miami Herald reported that what she claimed wasn't even accurate.

Census figures from 2016 show that the district — a vast swath of Miami-Dade that includes most of the county’s coastal communities and a bulk of the urban core south of the Dolphin Expressway — has a population of 747,000. Two-thirds of that population are 25 or older, and of that group 37.5 percent hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, a number slightly above the national average.

So all along, she's been looking at her potential voters as "uneducated" when the reality is, they are more educated than average. But even if it were true, what kind of politician judges her voters solely by the number of college degrees? Miami Cubans may not all be educated the way she would approve of, but they sure as heck know what communism is, while she, a cossetted academic in real life, most likely doesn't.

What we have here is typical Democratic Party elitism, the kind that is rooted in academic arrogance (she is an academic), the kind that knows better than you what's best for you. Democrats think they have a right to rule you and make all your decisions because only they know best. What's more, such remarks (and they keep slipping out) show nothing but contempt for anything voters might have to say about it. To Democrats, voters are just these ignorant knuckle-dragging hillbillies who benefit from contact with their wisdom. It's elitism such as this that makes Democrats claim that military service is for the stupid (which occurs repeatedly, starting with John Kerry), global warming is "settled science" and Hillary Clinton can write off half the electorate as 'deplorables' with a special little cold spot for women who voted for her opponent, claiming they only did it to please their husbands.

Any questions as to why voters are repelled by Democrats? Democrats think you're stupid. and they want your vote.


IThe Miami Herald managed to find a way to disgrace itself in all this by pulling its very accurately reported tweet from Twitter, solely due to people on social media noticing.


[The Miami Herald's] Ancrum said Thursday afternoon that the tweet was pulled from the Editorial Board’s Twitter account when “we saw the words being skewed on social media, and thought that the quote was incomplete.”

“However,” she said, “the quote is accurate and factual.”

Can't have people noticing, see. This actually is the first time I've ever seen a press organ back down from accurate reporting, due to its impact on social media. Obviously, we know who they are rooting for.

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