David Hogg, demagogue

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Parkland High School student, David Hogg, is milking his 15 minutes of fame big time. And the left can’t get enough of him.

Speaking at  “March for our Lives” on Saturday (an event afforded massive armed protection from law enforcement in one of those oh, the irony scenarios), Hogg finished his blustery speech with a Hitleresque salute, which came on the heels of his parting words: “We can and we will change the world!”

Buzzfeed had a video of the entire speech (here), but cut it at the very end just before the gesture. Why might that be? You can see the missing bits via Fox News:

Hogg often presents as a bit unhinged as when in prior interviews he’s said things like (here):

When your old-ass parent is like “I don’t know how to send an iMessage” and you’re just like, “Give me the f---ing phone and let me handle it,” Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government.

Aw, his parents must be beaming with pride.

He’s also stridently proclaimed that “today we are going to start a revolution.”

Hogg is the quintessential poster child for the left in attitude, words, tone, and often humorous bravado, particularly in light of the fact that he’s 17-years-old. I suppose what he lacks in wisdom and life experience, he makes up for in grand proclamations and fascist gestures.

I see a future for this lad in the Democratic/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Totalitarian/Sharia-loving party.

Hat tip: The Daily Wire