Contrary to the blather, Trump's economic team has the adults in charge

The pundit class's nostalgia for the good old days of the Obama years and how Team Obama ran the economy is pretty pathetic. Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell's recent opinion piece, titled "Trump's economic team needs to grow up fast," has so many things backward that it is hard to address. She writes: Last week, for the 10-year anniversary of the Bear Stearns failure, Marketplace released an  hour-long interview  with the key economic policymakers involved: former Federal Reserve chair Ben S. Bernanke, George W. Bush administration treasury secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and former New York Federal Reserve president Timothy F. Geithner , who would later become President Barack Obama's treasury secretary. Listening to their recounting of the start of the financial crisis, I found myself unexpectedly...wistful. Not for the ensuing panic, or market crashes, or foreclosures, bankruptcies and layoffs that would...(Read Full Post)