CNN's absurd reaction to Andrew McCabe's firing

Channel-surfing after the announcement that A.G. Sessions had indeed fired Andrew McCabe was like being yanked into the Twilight Zone.  On Fox, Laura Ingraham addressed the firing calmly from all sides along with her guests, Sara Carter, Alan Dershowitz, Harmeet Dhillon, and Jonathan Turley.

Switch to CNN, and one would be told that it was Trump who did the firing, that Sessions did it to keep his job.  Barely mentioned was the fact that the recommendation to fire McCabe came from the FBI's own Office of Personal Responsibility (OPR), an almost unprecedented event.  Don Lemon and his guests were apoplectic that this "fine and respected" man has had his pension taken away.  They were not concerned at all about what he may have done to elicit the OPR's recommendation that he be fired.  Not one bit.

This bunch takes as factual that Trump is evil and that he colluded with Russia, even though they know very well that he did not.  They know that the whole "Trump colluded with Russia" theory was dreamed up by the Clintons to excuse and explain her loss to the man her crowd and the media thought had no chance of victory.  But they still think the American people are so dumb that we don't know what they know.  They still think they can sell their anti-Trump hatred with lies and snake oil.  And Friday night, CNN was simply outraged that an object of Trump's well deserved wrath was fired.

But to CNN, the Stormy Daniels story is even more important than McCabe's firing.  Remember that last week, CNN was annoyed that Fox was not covering this story enough!  Shep Smith of Fox, of course, loves the Stormy controversy; he was visibly nonplussed when Chris Wallace told him the story was boring.  But CNN is still really fired up about Stormy's accusations.  Of course, they believe every word she says.  Why on Earth would a porn star lie?  In Don Lemon's mind, Stormy is a pillar of the community (which community is not clear).  He likes her so much that he wished her happy birthday – twice.  He closed his show with a happy birthday shout-out to Stormy!  He really did.  That is how absurd CNN has become.

Like Adam Schiff, the folks at CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc. have apparently avoided all the news that has been revealed over the past year that proves that it was Hillary and the DNC that commissioned and paid for the ridiculous dossier.  We know now that many of the higher-ups in the DOJ and the FBI colluded to prevent Trump from winning, and after he won, to see that he did not take office.  Once he was inaugurated, their plan was to see him impeached.  That is still their plan.  And so committed to that plan are they that they have ignored the overwhelming volume of facts that prove they themselves were the actual conspirators.  Don't tell CNN.  The shock may kill them.

The rest of the mainstream media, equally committed to the hoped for impeachment scenario, also ignores all the facts that have come to light.  They are grasping at straws and Stormy Daniels is just the latest straw.  Their hysteria would be comical if it were not so deadly serious.  What these people – the Clintons; the DNC; these schemers at the DOJ, NSA, and FBI – have done is the biggest political scandal in modern American history.  They have been exposed as arrogant elitists who believe they are above the law and have ruined the reputations of their respective institutions.

The left cannot accept an interloper in their club, so they cannot bring themselves to accept Trump.  He could bring about world peace, and they would only hate him more.  They cannot abide his accomplishing things Obama could or would not.  That is who they are: immature, angry, and jealous.  No wonder they love Stormy.  Stormy operates at exactly their level of not-smart.  No wonder they are obsessed with her Trump tales.  Maybe today Don Lemon will have a cake for Stormy and blow out her candles on the air.