CNN and the moral high ground

If CNN isn't your go-to source for news, allow me to bring you up to date.  The media chattering class at CNN has bloviated for days on end about the alleged sexual tryst between porn star Stormy Daniels and President Trump, which supposedly occurred in 2006.  The incessant monologue ad nauseam has explored every alleged sordid detail imaginable – every angle on how the affair will bring Trump's presidency to an end and, as an extra, added bonus, the criminal wrongdoing that also supposedly occurred regarding the alleged payment for services rendered, the payment having been laundered through Trump's campaign funds to silence Daniels.  It's the CNN "go for broke" strategy.

Let's begin with the obvious: CNN has constructed its own version of events.  Of course it has – it's what CNN always does.  In an all too familiar scenario when facts are thin or nonexistent, CNN producers simply create their own storyline to support their agenda.  The oftentimes sloppy and patently dishonest version of their narrative is then peddled as the truth.  In plain speak, the opposition media have imagined what happened between Trump and Daniels and offered up their biased and partisan opinions, which eventually morph into liberal talking points.  Stormy Daniels penned a statement in which she says she never engaged in sex for payment with Donald Trump.  Now she says she did.  Does anyone expect a CNN commentator to ask Stormy Daniels if her written statement was a lie, or is she lying now?

Apart from the obvious, liberals and their slavish (or should I say salivating?) opposition media stooges are attempting to scale the moral high ground in their nonstop gab-fest about the alleged Trump-Daniels liaison.  Their efforts are laughable and pathetic at the same time.  Those of us old enough to remember have a vivid recollection of what transpired during the Clinton White House years and during his tenure as the governor of Arkansas.  We also recall that CNN ignored, downplayed, and excused Bill Clinton's licentious behavior.  So any and all attempts by CNN to castigate and vilify Donald Trump about sex in 2018 are falling on deaf ears.

Another undeniable truth?  The previous generation of liberal media savants are solely responsible for desensitizing the American public's views regarding sex scandals.  The "it's just sex" meme has now come full circle.  Very few people care any longer, and there's no moral ground to be had in 2018.  (We can also consider the mockery that greeted revelations of the efforts V.P. Mike Pence makes to avoid implications of sexual impropriety.  Some of this came from CNN itself.)

My unsolicited advice for Jeff Zucker?  Quit beating the proverbial dead horse and focus on tangible news – such as the upcoming sit-down meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un.  The American public has a profound interest in the president's ability to broker peace between the U.S. and North Korea, in addition to the possibility of denuclearizing a rogue state.  Regardless of Zucker's extreme dislike of Donald Trump, I encourage him and all his associates at CNN to put their loathing of Donald Trump aside for the time being.  And if that's an impossible task, Melania Trump should invite Jim Acosta to White House for an interview, at which she can claim that there's a vast left-wing conspiracy attempting to destroy her husband.  Oh, wait – never mind.  That's a true statement, and CNN has shown time and time again that the network has no interest in those.

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