Buzzfeed puts a target for jihadists on the backs of Pamela Geller's daughters

Even Mafia dons keep the families of fellow mobsters out of their murderous disputes. But there is less honor than that in the journalism of Buzzefeed.  For inexplicable reasons, a Buzzfeed employee thought it would be a good idea to tag the daughters of Pamela Geller – who have had an active video presence on Instagram and kept their mother out of the conversation – as her offspring. This is known as doxing – and is an invitation for others to post information about where they can be found, potential dirt or gossip, threats, and other forms of harassment from trolls (and jihadists).

Pamela Geller, a longtime American Thinker contributor, has been targeted for assassination by ISIS and others (beheading in one case that went to trial) for her vocal opposition to jihad. There are people with guns and bombs and knives who would gladly kill her or her family members if they had the opportunity.

This young lady seems gleeful about exposing children to threats and possible assasination

If you can bear the disgust, watch her video below.



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