ACLU chapter and liberal foundation urge cops not to arrest illegals for crimes they commit to shield them from deportation

Remember when liberals claimed they believed in equal protection under the laws?  The fanatical hatred for Donald Trump and fanatical desire to replace the population of the United States with third-world people who will vote for Democrats have led the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU and the progressive Century Foundation to urge police to create a special class of people – violators of immigration laws – protected from arrest for crimes that the rest of us would still be arrested for.  Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reports:

A report for the Century Foundation, a liberal think tank, and the Massachusetts chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union says that even in places where localities have refused to cooperate with deportation efforts, illegal immigrants are spotted by federal authorities when they show up in databases after arrests.

The answer, the groups said, is for local police to stop arresting immigrants – particularly those who are also racial, religious or sexual minorities – with crimes such as drug offenses, driving without a license, larceny and trespassing.

"In Trump's America, immigrants have ample reason to fear that any interaction with the criminal legal system will result in the initiation of deportation proceedings against them," the report said.

The logic here is to exempt people already breaking the law from arrest for breaking other laws, in order to hinder the enforcement of laws.

This is madness, and repulsive.

Welcome to second-class status in your own country, citizens of America.