Yale Law School Grad Cory Booker is an Ignoramus on Citizenship Rights

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker seems to spend every waking moment either admiring his Presidential look in a mirror, or trying to move left of any of his opponents for the 2020 nomination. After the State of the Union Address Tuesday, he demonstrated a profound ignorance of the Constitution. The Stanford and Yale Law School educated Rhodes Scholar, naturally raced to the MSNBC studios after the address to express his profound displeasure. 

Attacking President Trump for his divisiveness, Booker said the following:

"Then the raw meat was ugly, and then the appeals to fear-mongering, using MS-13 as a way to cast a shadow around millions of Americans who are looking for a full recognition of their citizenship rights.”


Looking for a full recognition of their citizenship rights? What rights to citizenship do ten million illegal immigrants possess -- whether in the dreamer category, or any other- their parents, those who overstayed visas, whatever the explanation. The answer is they have no rights to citizenship, now or in the future, unless the Congress passes a law and the President signs it to extend an amnesty to allow these people to establish a legal status in the country, and at some point, a path to citizenship.  

Booker slips up because at this point his view -- supporting complete amnesty and citizenship rights, is what the Democrats are  after. They want millions of new Democratic voters, more than they share any concerns about people in the shadows.