Bruce and Nellie Ohr: The other Trump-hating lovebirds

For a while there, it seemed that the Trump-hating FBI lovebirds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, whose text messages sound like those of giggly teenagers, were sort of comically the most emblematic of the conflicts of interest that besmirch what should be detached professionalism among members of America's intelligence community.

Now we have revelations that U.S. Department of Justice associate deputy attorney general, Bruce Ohr, failed to disclose the payments his wife Nellie Ohr was receiving from Fusion GPS on his official forms, an ethics violation that carries a jail penalty, according to the Daily Caller.  Nellie Ohr, identified as a Russia expert, may have been writing some of the contents of the utterly gamy and fictional Steele dossier, and from appearances, it looks as if she might have, while ol' Bruce may have been shilling the product to the FBI as investigative bait, which the agency later did use as the basis for obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on President Trump through his lieutenants. What a tag team.  Topple Trump and get paid big for it.

The Daily Caller speculates that from Fusion GPS's point of view, it was the perfect Bonnie and Clyde scenario for getting its research out there – not just for the incurious press, but before the eyes of the FBI, using the FBI as a means to take down Trump.  All of this would have benefited its client, Hillary Clinton, whose campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee, was paying for the whole thing.

Two heads are better than one, it seems.  Lovebirds united in their loathing of Trump repeatedly get into mischief.  This shows the incestuousness of the Deep State, of course: first FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and his wife, then FBI counterintelligence big Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, and now Bruce and Nellie Ohr.  Not a one of them was afraid of the consequences that ordinarily come of blatant conflicts of interest, and some, apparently such as Bruce Ohr, felt they could get away easily with lying.

It goes to show it's about time to clean house harder among the Deep State tag-teams.

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