Winning: Tax reform paying for itself

Democrats managed to scare their already silly voters even sillier with fear about the tax cuts, claiming that lower taxes would bankrupt Social Security and raise federal debt to dangerous levels.  January was the first month of tax revenues since the cuts.  It looks, once again, as though conservatives are right and liberals are wrong on how to grow the economy and stabilize government revenues. From IBD. Fiscal Policy: The Congressional Budget Office says that federal revenues in January added up to $362 billion.  That's an increase of $18 billion – or 5.2% – from the year before.  As a result, the government ran a surplus of $51 billion that month, which is equal to the previous January. Wait, weren't the tax cuts supposed to bankrupt the country to benefit the rich?  It almost looks [as though] the tax cuts – which took effect in January – are paying for themselves. Some of this...(Read Full Post)