Why elites love 'diversity' and why it is so dangerous for everyone else

You are a bigot and a hater if you don’t agree with Nancy Pelosi that all of the DACA recipients deserve not just immediate citizenship and the right to vote for Democrats, but that they are morally superior to those of us born as citizens. In fact, we are lucky they chose to grace us with their presence. No stunt is too weird – no even an 8-hour speech in well-photographed and celebrated stiletto heels -- if the goal is to extol the virtues of open borders.

For more than a decade. we all have endlessly been lectured, “Diversity is our strength,” and the only permitted reaction to the arrival of MS 13, honor killings, and clitoridectomies is to “Celebrate Diversity.”

And it is not just Americans subjected to this nonsense. The elites of most of the Western democracies are intent on forcing their own peoples to absorb millions of immigrants from cultures with values hostile to their own. Ask the German women gang raped in Cologne, the Swedes cautioned about going out alone at night, or the Jews of France, subject to lethal attack on the streets if wearing identifiably Jewish garb.

It is all a result of elites brainwashed into a belief system that runs counter to common sense. Thankfully,  a pseudonymous “technology executive and writer living in New York City” has written a penetrating essay in Quillette that explains why the Western elites embrace nonsense and try to impose it on the rest of us, beyond the simple self-interest of new voters or cheap labor.

Consider this datum:

Of the top ten most diverse countries in the world, every single one has suffered major, lethal political violence since 2001. (snip) For whatever economic benefits it may bring, it will also bring tribalism, disunity, and violence. And for those of you who think this isn’t a major issue or that the worst has passed, please note we are just in the opening act of this drama.

“George Gallatin” offers a very useful anthropological discussion of the origins of tribalism, and why it is adaptive.

The reason why we are still tribal today is because tribalism appears to have been evolutionarily adaptive—at least for our ancestors. Researchers at McGill University have described it thusly: “ethnocentrism eventually overcomes its closest competitor, humanitarianism, by exploiting humanitarian cooperation across group boundaries”.

Despite prevailing moral fashions, we are the products of this evolutionary competition. This observation has no moral polarity, it is a mere reality. And while it is undoubtedly noble to argue that we should try to overcome tribalism, it is a very different matter to argue that it is achievable, or that in doing so we won’t be outcompeted by less noble, more unified groups.

So, where do elites come by their fanatical dedication to diversity. Gallatin supplies an answer that hits a bulls-eye:

Many elite Westerners have a passionate belief in diversity because they have lived it. Not always in their neighborhoods, but quite often at university. What they fail to realize is that a top-flight university offers a very narrow type of diversity. For example, in my university class we had over 50 nationalities. It was a wonderful experience, and I formed abiding friendships with people from all over the world. What I later realized, is that the social cohesion of my class was greatly assisted by the fact that the admissions office was a border. They had heavily screened the incoming class for intelligence, socialization, and personality characteristics. The relevant distinction wasn’t between the Tamil Brahmins and Tatar Russians, but between students and non-students. We were all members of a university created community, enjoying carefully curated luxury diversity.

None of this is surprising, elites have always gotten along. What the connoisseurs of luxury diversity miss, is that not everyone is a well-socialized member of the culturally converging global bourgeoisie. People from across the world differ significantly in behavior and custom. Some of these behaviors and customs are awesome, others, such as honour killings, are not, (just as the West has traditions that are awesome, and others such as mass shootings, which are horrific). When migration occurs, we have to be aware that these behaviors and customs come along and can cause considerable strain in the receiving nation. (snip)

…some in the West adhere to a frenzied millenarianism about migration and diversity. They hold that mass migration is not a public policy challenge to be soberly regulated, but a path to moral redemption and economic utopia. When reality intrudes on these delusions the advocates mumble while citizens navigate the consequences.

History has demonstrated innumerable times that at-scale diversity doesn’t create utopia but tension. This tension can sometimes be negotiated, but often leads to societal fragmentation, secession, or the establishment of sprawling despotisms like the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Mughal empires. This is because civilizations are staggeringly complex economic, social and political coordination systems that slowly develop over hundreds of years. When these coordination systems are stressed by rapid change, they sometimes shudder and break.’

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