Why aren't the media and other Democrats angry at FBI for not doing their jobs instead of at Trump for tweeting about it?

Here is the AP headline I read yesterday: "Trump Fumes about Russian Investigation as Nation Mourns." As the nation mourned, President Donald Trump kept largely silent about the Florida school shooting victims and the escalating gun control debate, instead raging at the FBI for what he perceived to be a fixation on the Russia investigation at the cost of failing to deter the attack. I would think the AP, the rest of the media, Democrats, and everyone should be fuming at the FBI for focusing on a fictional Russian investigation and failing to block the shooting of kids and teachers at a Florida school.   But nope, they are complaining that Trump is tweeting about it.  The media have not cared a lick about the FBI, the Obama administration, and intelligence agencies clearly targeting Trump and people surrounding him with illegal spying and leaks.  Instead of holding government officials to account for their clear malfeasance...(Read Full Post)