Where in the World is Mahmoud Abbas? Being Treated in a Great Satan Hospital

After damning the United States for recognizing reality by stating that since Jerusalem is the capital of Israel the US will move its Embassy there in May to celebrate Israel's 70th anniversary, the PLO president-for-life, Mahmoud (a variation of the name Mohammed) Abbas took his traveling hate show to a receptive audience, the UN, where he repeated the message but in more moderate -- relatively -- terms. 

And then?  Well, since he condemns the US and all that it symbolizes whenever the opportunity arises -- and even when it doesn't…

 “Damn your money!” to the United States following President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem. “We will not accept for the U.S. to be a mediator, because after what they have done to us — a believer shall not be stung twice in the same place.”

…he quickly returned to the well..."s&#*hole" territory he presides over. where US aid money, which he still eagerly accepts, European aid money, oil aid money from Muslim countries, and UNRWA aid money is used for weapons  and destruction, not schools and hospitals.  Except that he didn't return there, according to the Jewish Insider, almost the only outlet on the story:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was sighted on Wednesday in Baltimore, Maryland. According to a source, Abbas is receiving medical treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

An impressive motorcade of Secret Service vehicles were seen parked outside the Four Seasons Hotel in the Harbor East neighborhood of Baltimore.

Abbas’ Boeing 737 [A Boeing Business Jet, the most expensive private jet in the world, far better than aircraft used by most heads of legitimate states -- such as The Netherlands, Chile, or Norway  – ed.] landed at Baltimore–Washington International Airport at 3:00 PM EST after a short flight from White Plains, New York, according to the Flight Radar24 site.  (snip)

Abbas’ medical treatment in Baltimore may explain the timing of his speech this week at the UN.

This past December, Haaretz reported that Abbas received an invitation to visit the White House for the second time in a year after the Trump administration was made aware that the Palestinian president was slated to be in the city for a medical procedure.

Separately in November, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt made a point of visiting Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat after he underwent a lung transplant operation at a hospital in Fairfax, Virginia.

Given the recent tension, whether Kushner or Greenblatt will make the short trip up to Baltimore to visit Abbas remains to be seen. According to a White House official there are currently no plans for such a visit. The official added, “but we wish him well.”

Abbas is following in the footsteps of his Arab and Muslim rulers: condemn the Great Satan (the US) and Little Satan (Israel) in the vilest terms and kill their citizens when you can, but for the best medical care, why go to the hospitals in their own countries?

Abbas and friend. (Russian hospitals not good enough?)

And why don't they use their own hospitals?  Indeed many of their hospitals (and schools, too) are the equivalent of human shields with bomb making facilities are in their basements and rockets launched from their grounds.  These cruel and destructive practices translate into poorly equipped facilities, not good enough for the oligarchs.  (For their own citizens?  Well, they don't care.)

And so now Baltimore residents are honored with a terrorist in their midst at one of the finest hospitals in the US.  And Abbas' treatment will be paid for by...?  Aww, you know -- the US taxpayer.

Hat tip:  Richard Becker/Architect Guy