Turning schoolkids into Marxists

Last Thursday, the Prince George's County, Maryland school board passed a resolution to allow their students to participate in the national organizing effort, "Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools."  P.G. County is one of many minority school districts across the country that activists have targeted in their attempt to replace reading, writing, and math with empowerment and liberation from America's "structural racism."

Beginning this past "blackout" Monday, students and teachers were encouraged to wear all black to school. 

On Tuesday, students were asked to complete the writing prompt "Why is BLM relevant to them as students/community/school"?

Tuesday's assignment might prove difficult.  Prince George's County proficiency rates in language arts and math are below other Maryland counties, standing at 31% in reading and 23% in math. 

The following day, on Wednesday, Feb. 7, the Prince George's County Education Association held an "NEA Social Justice Workshop" followed by curriculum activities.

Thursday and Friday, students were encouraged to participate in poetry slams and cypher groups.

The Prince George's County school board's resolution reads in part:

The thirteen guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter movement highlighted during this week of action are a means of challenging the insidious legacy of institutionalized racism and oppression that [have] plagued the United States since its founding.

BLM's thirteen principles are a hodgepodge of black power dictums, Marxist-based collectivism, and identity politics.  One of the more disturbing principles listed is the group's commitment to "disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure."  "Our children" are part of the "collective who care for one another," it states.

The Marxist-informed language of the Black Lives Matter principles is no accident.  The anti-police, anti-white, anti-America movement's actions are often directed by an array of Marxist radicals, Maoists, socialists, and communists.

For example, the nationwide "Black Lives Matter week of action in schools" movement is under the direction of the ubiquitous, Soros-funded social justice non-profit Teaching for Change.

Teaching for Change was set up in 1989 to infiltrate the schools with workshops, book fairs, classroom discussions, protests, and teacher conferences.  Its Zinn Education Project, with 75,000 teachers participating, launched campaigns to incorporate Marxist Howard Zinn's bookA People's History of the United States, into schools across the country.  In Arkansas, the organization successfully challenged a proposed ban on the book.

The BLM Teaching for Change week of action kicked off in Seattle and has spread to D.C., Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and New York.  One hundred schools in D.C. are participating, with 128,000 school children ready to absorb one of the Teaching for Change lessons entitled "Resistance 101: Social Justice Activists and Strategies."  Who is one of the activists on the list?  None other than sharia-advocating, anti-Semitic radical Islamic supremacist Linda Sarsour.

Not surprisingly, a Prince George's County school board member, 24-year-old Raaheela Ahmed, a first-generation Pakistani Muslim-American activist, was instrumental in pushing the Black Lives Matter curriculum this week.

The Teaching for Change website makes it clear that the goal is to push its collectivist, racist, Marxist-laden lessons on the 50 million K-12 public school children all day and year-round.

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