Trump calls for money for border wall, by 2028, a week too late

Trump calls for money for border wall by 2028, a week too late President Trump's budget calls for funding for his border wall.  Kudos, President Trump – mega-kudos to you! The White House unveiled a budget proposal on Monday heavy on fulfilling President Donald Trump's campaign promises, pressing for new spending on infrastructure and a border wall. But the document – always a political exercise by Presidents that stands little chance of being adopted by Congress – is especially immaterial this year, since lawmakers approved a two-year spending plan just last week. Ooops!  Maybe last week was the time to demand money for a border wall!  Maybe last week, when the government had a must-pass bill to keep the government open, was the time when Trump had the most leverage to demand funding for his wall.  Democrats, who had briefly shut down the government to demand amnesty for illegals, saw that tactic...(Read Full Post)