To avoiding tarnishing Palestinians, WaPo gives Fred Astaire a run for his money

In "US tells angry Abbas, 'We will not chase after you " (2/21/18), a vast number of news sources led with U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley's response to lead Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, where she remarked, "I will not shut up."

The Washington Post is known to soften anything regarding the Palestinians.  Cherry-picking quotes by Mahmoud Abbas is yet another method the Post uses.  In this article, the Post makes it seem as if the Palestinians were begging for peace.  That fools no one, except maybe Post loyalists.

There is no getting around that the Palestinians have walked away from at least three deals that would have given them around 100% of what they asked for under Israeli prime ministers Barak, Olmert, and Netanyahu.  Further, even the Post has corroborated (see Post editor Fred Hiatt) that the Palestinians have walked away without making a counter-offer. In the last attempt, under the Obama administration, Israel even complied with a Palestinian demand not to build even in existing Jewish neighborhoods in the West Bank during a ten-month moratorium.  Leave it to the Palestinians to wait until right before the moratorium expired to agree to sit down, when not nearly enough time was available to forge an agreement.

The Washington Post would explain the conflict better if it stuck to the facts rather than cherry-picking alleged yearnings by the Palestinians, expressed only to Western audiences and extremely short on action.

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