Tiny Israel moves to thwart BDS juggernaut, with Lorde concert suit

The left has had a good run with its "boycott, divest and sanction" movement against Israel, getting singers to cancel their concerts and cut trade to Israel, all in a bid to get the Jewish state to surrender to Palestinian demands. It hasn't worked in the broadest sense, given that Israeli technology powers most tech and medical advances and we'd love to see the activists say 'no' to those. But it has served to harass the vibrant little state unnecessarily, while allowing its anti-Semitic activists to virtue-signal about how great they are and mau-mau and kick around the more ignorant elements of pop culture.

Get a load of what they say they are from their well-funded website:

The BDS movement is supported by unions, churches, NGOs and movements representing millions across every continent and there are vibrant BDS campaigns in communities across the world. Progressive Jewish groups play an important role in the movement.

Public figures including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Naomi Klein, Roger Waters, Angela Davis and Judith Butler back BDS. The slider below features just a small selection of the movement's supporters.

So you know they're a sanctimonious pack of hypocrites.

Anyway, right after dancing around with the news that they got pop-tart singer Lorde to cancel her concert in Israel to support their agenda, they must have been surprised to get a lawsuit from Israelis who say they were harmed by concert cancellation. The suers were suing on behalf of the teenage girls who were disappointed by the cancellation. According to the New York Times:

The suit, filed on Tuesday, demands 45,000 Israeli shekels, or about $13,200, on behalf of three Israeli teenagers who had bought tickets for the concert. It demands payment not from the singer, but from the authors of the open letter, Nadia Abu-Shanab and Justine Sachs.

In 2011, the Israeli Knesset passed a law allowing civil litigation by anyone who can claim economic harm from a boycott against Israel, any of its institutions, or an area under Israeli control.

Sounds like a silly suit, but it's really not silly.

The argument made, so far, is that the girls, who will soon have to enlist in the Israeli armed forces, endured harm because they couldn't go to the concert. It makes a little bit of sense, but not that much, given that it's a Lorde concert we are talking about here.

But in a larger sense, it does have merit. Imagine developing your country beautifully, from a wretched, waterless, backward hellhole, which is what the Israelis inherited when the Israeli nation was founded in 1946, and then turning it into a lush green country focused on solving its own and now other people's problems - such as how to conserve and create water, or developing and advancing medicines and medical equipment, or creating high tech devices (Israel is known as the "brain" of the Silicon Valley given the number of developers and engineers employed by tech bigs such as Google who are there) - which has made it a first-world country. Then imagine being treated as the resident of a pariah state, like Syria or Iran or North Korea, with no access to anything Western, anything exciting to the young, anything culturally popular, all because of the demands of a group of jealous losers who don't want to participate in the Israeli bounty, they just want to sulk.

It is damage. And yes, while it could put a damper on free speech abroad, tiny Israel doesn't do things the ordinary way, sometimes when they are overly threatened, they just bite back any way they can. How else to thwart this immoral movement to sanction Israel? It might not be the only way or the best way, but it gives the left something to think about. Because the reality is, they benefit from Israeli technology, Israeli medical advances, and Israeli innovation unless they live in a hole. Yeah, sue 'em.


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