The true threat to our freedom and democracy is a compliant media

James Comey illegally leaks government documents to a professor who releases it to the media. Much later, Comey says the professor was his attorney. Dianne Feinstein leaks testimony about the Russian investigation to the media. She later blames a cold for her malfeasance. Adam Schiff repeatedly goes to the media and claims there is evidence of a Russian collusion with Trump even though there is no actual evidence. The media gladly repeats what Schiff says, acting as if it is factual. Anonymous sources have repeatedly leaked material from private conversations at the White House and the media gladly takes the leaks and treats them as factual. Information is repeatedly leaked from the “secret” Mueller investigation and it shows up in newspapers and on cable and network news. But now, we are told that Democrats and the FBI say how dangerous it would be to the FBI and how it would undermine the justice system if a memo from Republicans were released to the...(Read Full Post)