The true threat to our freedom and democracy is a compliant media

James Comey illegally leaks government documents to a professor who releases it to the media. Much later, Comey says the professor was his attorney.

Dianne Feinstein leaks testimony about the Russian investigation to the media. She later blames a cold for her malfeasance.

Adam Schiff repeatedly goes to the media and claims there is evidence of a Russian collusion with Trump even though there is no actual evidence. The media gladly repeats what Schiff says, acting as if it is factual.

Anonymous sources have repeatedly leaked material from private conversations at the White House and the media gladly takes the leaks and treats them as factual.

Information is repeatedly leaked from the “secret” Mueller investigation and it shows up in newspapers and on cable and network news.

But now, we are told that Democrats and the FBI say how dangerous it would be to the FBI and how it would undermine the justice system if a memo from Republicans were released to the public.  That sounds like a pure crock of crap considering all the leaks that have come out continuously -- that the media gladly reports (when FBI is often the source itself).

In the past, the media would be anxious to get hold of this memo if there were corruption at Justice and in a Republican administration, but in this case they are doing everything they can to block it themselves. They essentially are trying to hide information from the public instead of having transparency. The Washington Post, which pompously adopted the motto “Democracy dies in darkness” about the time President Trump took office, now editorializes for the suppression of the information in the Nunes memo.

There must be some pretty bad stuff in the Nunes memo or the Justice Department, FBI, Democrats and the media wouldn’t be fighting so hard to block its release.

What we almost certainly know:

The Russian collusion investigation was a fraud from the start meant to destroy Trump.

The U.S. intelligence agencies did not have any intelligence that justified the spying on anyone surrounding Trump.

Instead, the Justice Department used a DNC and Hillary-funded fake Russian dossier as justification to spy.

We know that the Obama administration intentionally and illegally spied for years on many Americans so why wouldn’t we believe that they would use a fake document to spy on a political opponent.

People surrounding Obama used the illegal surveillance to illegally unmask names and conversations of people surrounding Trump and the media gladly took these illegal leaks and repeated what they were told no questions asked.

We also know that Hillary and her staff intentionally and illegally violated the nation’s security laws for four years.

Instead of the Justice Department caring about the serious violations of laws protecting secrets classified information, they did a pretend investigation and exonerated her and everyone surrounding her.

We have seen a huge number of texts of high up FBI officials advocating destroying Trump and clearing Hillary.

Does anyone actually believe that the FBI did a serious investigation of the thousands of emails that showed up on Weiner’s computer in a few days?

Obama and many others also violated the nation’s laws by corresponding with her knowingly on her private server with classified information. Again, Justice held not one of these powerful people to account and the sycophant media didn’t care.

Lois Lerner and the IRS intentionally violated the constitutional rights of political opponents of Obama, and again there was a pretend investigation where no charges were filed.

Obama also didn’t like immigration laws that Congress had passed, so he just ignored them and changed them. The supposedly “independent” justice Department did what they were told and ignored the laws themselves. Sanctuary cities and states also were allowed to ignore the laws.

Holder, Clapper, Brennan and Comey committed perjury before Congress and they were allowed to skate.

After seeing all the abuse at Justice, the FBI and throughout the Obama administration for eight years, we are told that it is Trump and Republicans that are hurting the integrity of the Justice Department and threatening democracy. Again, what a crock of garbage!

The media and other Democrats portray Trump as a tyrant when the opposite is true. Trump is trying to give the power and purse back to the people. The true tyrant was Obama, who controlled Justice and IRS with an iron hand and continually tried to increase the power of the federal government.

The true threat to democracy and our freedom is when the compliant media looks the other way, no matter what an administration they like does, and seeks to destroy a president every day, no matter what he does, because they don’t like him or his agenda.

The media pretends they are honest fact-checkers but nothing could be further from the truth. There was never a scintilla of evidence of Trump colluding with Russia to rig the election, but almost all the media has presented that as if it were factual, and that was the justification for the investigation in the first place.

A couple questions for journalists and other Democrats: What crime did Trump commit which justified the special prosecutor?  How can there be obstruction if there is no crime?

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