The statistical cost of providing new armed security for public schools

Surprisingly, no one has done this yet, so I did some Googling.  Using statistics available from five years ago, there are 98,000 public elementary schools in the United States.  There are an additional 26,400 public secondary (high) schools also.  This does not include private schools or charter schools (however, one might want to classify those).  For now, I will leave private schools out. If you were to have at least two armed guards per school (some of these schools are quite large), and you account for population growth (these stats are five years old), you would get a new overnight federal employee head count higher than 250,000.  That's five modest-sized cities. If you pay them around $36,000 per year in salary, that yields a new annual cost of $9 billion.  If you add in medical, dental, and pension, plus all the paid holidays, sick leave, and other miscellaneous time off, that raises your cost another $4...(Read Full Post)